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inuryAre you injured or has a family member passed away due to the negligence of others?  Bridget A. Clark-Castrejón is an expert in receiving favorable settlements and judgments for persons injured due to the negligence of others for over nine years.  She has tried a legion of cases in front of both judges and juries.

Many insurance companies attempt to get injured people to settle the case early by offering a fraction of what the case is worth.  Do NOT be one of those people.  Get a lawyer on your side before signing an agreement with an insurance company.  Make sure you get an expert opinion on the value of your case before signing on the dotted line.  Do not just settle; use us so we can maximize your case for the best possible settlement or verdict based on the facts in your case.  Each case is different and we treat each case as unique and important.

We can handle your case if it stems from a car accident, bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, or premises liability.

We tirelessly advocate on your behalf.

We will not receive our attorney’s fees until there is a settlement or award; you do not have to pay any attorney’s fees or costs until the end of the case.  We only get paid if you get paid.

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